About Me

About me

Life is a journey and the longer I live the more convinced I become that we heal and grow togehter, in community - and it would be an honour for me to be part of that community for you!

I'm passionate about the search for truth. I find that in truth all inner conflict subsides and it seems to ultimately lead us closer to ourselves, to the source of true peace and happiness. 

I have been on a personal meditation journey since 2015 and it has taken me on a deep inner quest. The amount of support I have recieved and witnessed being given to others in regard to love, grief, fear, intimacy, relationships, trauma, self hatred, pain, addication and existensial matters are beyond words. It's an honour for me to pass on these teachings and be a loving suport for others. 

I'm a Samayogi at heart, a certified coach and have been engaged in the International Zen Coaching Network where I have also been an assistant at official coach trainings within the network. Currently I am deeply commited to non-duality via Rupert Spira among others. 

I've lived in many parts of this world such as Australia, Namibia, Ireland, Trelleborg and Ă–stersund but now I'm located in Gotheburg on the Swedish west coast. I teach and coach in both Swedish and English.

I'm Josefin Karlgrund


Diplomated Sama Yoga Teacher

Sama is the Sanskrift word for Equnimity, balance and is usually tought in an intuitive. It is a yoga form founded on Hatha Yoga with a focus of honering the heart and staying true to our present experience.

Certified Coach by the International Zen Coaching Network

Zen Coaching is a powerful, effortless coaching method that supports an inner journey, beneficial action and authentic relationships. It is founded on the principles of Zen, meaning prescence, mindfullness and awareness.

Bachelor degree in Clinical Nutrition (Dietician) from the Univeristy of Gothenburg.

Courses in Social Psychology and Developmental Psychology from the University of Gotheburg.

Master Degree in Innovation Management from the University of Gothenburg.

Courses in Physics, Mathematics, Programming etc. from the Tehcnical University of Lund.