Coaching sessions

I offer Coaching Sessions both in person in Gothenburg and Online a' 50 min.

These coaching sessions are founded on the priniciple that we all carry our own truth - it might just take some support to find them! Regardless of the topic the role of the coach is to guide you closer to your own answers and connect you with your inner resources. It can be challanging to face conflict, but with the right loving support it is possible to move trough our fears, doubts, inner critiques and challenging emotions.

Sometimes all you need is one session to find support in a specific decision that is relevant right now and sometimes several sessions are valuable to face some of our more core wounds. Of course, you are free to book as many or as few sessions as you prefer!

Regular coaching sessions may also be valuable to support a contious growth journey or as you navigate a specifically challenging phase in you life. 

You are varmly welcome

- just as you are!

Cost and practical details

The cost is 900 SEK per session and they are booked by contacting me here. Together we will find a time that suits you!

Once we have scheduled a time and location, either online or in my session room in Gothenburg you will recieve an invoice via emial. Payment is done via banktransfer prior to the session. Refund is not possible bu rescheduling is possible up to 72h before session starts. 

If you have any questions please send me a message in either Swedish or English. 

New client?

Your first session is reduced to  450 SEK. Here we get a chance to explore if this particualr form of coaching and set up is valuable for you and your growth!